About Us

Hodge.WaterResources, LLC (HWR) is a small business enterprise (SBE) based in Brighton, Massachusetts. Matt Hodge, P.E. founded HWR in 2012. Matt has over 12 years of experience in modeling, analysis, and engineering.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission of Hodge.WaterResources, LLC is to be experts in quantitative analysis related to water resources. We use our expertise to answer environmental questions for our clients, address our clients’ challenges efficiently and economically, and support our clients’ larger goals. We consistently push the state of practice, which challenges us to learn new skills to create and support projects.

Our Value Proposition:

While we start with the same amount of information as any other water resources consultant, we use our knowledge of natural processes (hydrodynamic behavior, transport processes, etc.) and our capabilities in quantitative analysis and computational programming to tease out answers that would otherwise remain hidden by the complexity of the information. When we combine this skill set with our ability to work with regulators, project managers, and experts across multiple disciplines, we help make our clients’ projects a success on time and on budget.

Our expertise is specialized but applicable to many areas of environmental engineering and environmental science. We contribute to project permitting, alternatives analysis, and restoration projects through numerical modeling, data analysis, and development of computational tools.

We typically work with other engineering firms who have project-specific needs for our expertise, however, we can also work with institutions, agencies, and private citizens. We pride ourselves on providing useful and cost-effective resources to our clients so that they can achieve their project-specific goals.

 56 Chestnut Hill Ave 304, Brighton, MA 02135